The summertime greenery that surround Adler Mountain Lodge, says Lisa, are fuel for the soul. Photo: Thaddaeus Salcher

MY CLUB • August 2018

My Club: the make-up artist

Lisa Eldridge
Lisa Eldridge


Silver Executive Club Member and celebrity make-up artist turned jewellery designer, Lisa Eldridge talks to The Club about sailing to the UK from New Zealand, her on-the-go skincare essentials and selfie snapping with Debbie Harry

Where’s the most unusual place you’ve worked?

One of my most interesting sessions was making up Kate Winslet in a private jet travelling from London to Toronto. I started her make-up about an hour before we were due to land at the Toronto Film Festival – we suddenly encountered bad turbulence so I had to sit on her lap and hold onto her face tightly while I attempted to draw on eyeliner as we were thrown around the plane. 

Which celebrity has left you most awe-struck?

It’s hard to choose, but if I had to it would be Debbie Harry because she was my idol growing up. She opened my mind to the possibilities of being a creative creature who just does what she loves. I rarely ask for photos with clients unless I know them really well, but I did ask Debbie. I said, “Can I please have a photo because I think you are wonderful.” To which she replied, “Yes, because you are wonderful.” I’m almost crying in the photograph.

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You’ve lived in Paris, New York and LA – favourite thing to do in each city?

I love walking, and living in Paris is all about walking. I hardly used the metro or taxis when I lived there. I love the museums and galleries in Paris best, and as a Brancusi super-fan I have to say the Pompidou Centre (above) is my favourite of them all. In New York I love downtown for shopping (both the East and West Village), and then I always take a trip uptown to visit my facialist Yurga Kors. I haven’t eaten red meat for 30 years so I love LA for all the great vegetarian and vegan restaurants. My favourites are Gracias Madre and Cafe Gratitude

Where are you next headed? 

Rome first, for a week of making up a celebrity client, and then a short trip to Geneva to visit a gemologist I’m working with on my jewellery line

Do your travels inform your work?

Definitely! Japan has had the biggest impact. I’ve always been a fan of Japanese culture and when I first visited Tokyo as creative director of Shiseido, I was completely blown away. On the one hand everything is about craftsmanship, detail and aesthetic beauty, but on the other there is this crazy world of pop culture. I recommend visiting Tokyo followed by a trip to Kyoto to see the full breadth of what’s on offer. I’ll be launching my jewellery collection in Tokyo’s Dover Street Market soon and I can’t wait.

Where do you always return to?

I’ve visited the Mayr Clinic in Austria for the past 11 years. It’s like having an MOT for the body – I leave feeling ready for anything.

What’s the most memorable hotel you’ve stayed in?

As a fan of walking, it doesn’t get any better than the Adler Mountain Lodge and Spa in the Italian Dolomites. The summertime greenery and mountain views are food for the soul. I also love a small guest house in Florence called AdAstra – it has the largest ‘secret’ private garden in Europe and is decorated in such a quirky and personal style.

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What’s your earliest travel memory?

Sailing from New Zealand to the UK as a child – we stopped in some amazing places like Tahiti (above). I can still remember having a garland of scented purple flowers placed around my neck as we disembarked. 

What are your three packing essentials? 

The In Transit No Traces cleansing pads from This Works are so good. They’re like mini wet-wipe discs but with only natural ingredients – I use them for cleaning my face and hands while on the road. Next is Neal’s Yard Organic Defence Hand Spray – it smells incredible and is a great ‘pick me up’ as well as a good sanitiser. Last is an eye mask from Holistic Silk – a must for long journeys and hotel stays. Most other eye masks give you weird lines and dents in your face, but I’ve found this brand doesn’t. 

What’s the best thing about being in the Executive Club?

It feels like you belong to a family – if you need help you know you’re going to be welcomed with open arms.

Interview by Marisa Cannon

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