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Daisy Knatchbull on dressing for flying

Daisy Knatchbull
Daisy Knatchbull


Women want tailoring,” says the trailblazing tailor (and the first female ever to wear a top hat and tails at Ascot) Daisy Knatchbull. “And that hasn’t always exactly been a top priority for Savile Row.” It’s exactly the reason she founded The Deckthe first all-female atelier with a shopfront on London’s most impeccably well-dressed street.

This month, as London Fashion Week kicks off across the capital, we ask Daisy to slip into a travel state of mind and reveal her top tricks and tips for dressing on the move…

1) Go for Fresco

If there’s one fabric that is just built for travelling, it’s Fresco. It’s a very open weave (‘fresco’ is the Italian for ‘fresh’) and since it’s so loosely woven there’s a real spring to it. This, of course, means far fewer creases and more breathability in hot climates. Throw a Fresco suit into your case and it’ll come up looking freshly pressed on the other side.

Bonus tip: A two-piece linen suit might be perfect for a wine tasting in Tuscany but travelling in linen is a creasing nightmare. If you’re still determined, try and make sure it’s a blend.


Are you choosing the right materials for your flight?

2) Consider your cost-per-wear

People don’t want fast fashion: they want select pieces, beautifully made, that fit like a glove and will last a lifetime (and even further still). In terms of cost-per-wear, it makes so much more sense. Shopping somewhere like The Deck, where everything is produced on a made-to-order basis, also means eliminating waste – which is a huge issue for the fashion industry since so much ends up in landfill. Shopping more consciously is an all-round far more sustainable way to live and dress.

My packing essentials: SPF 50 (I wear this on my face whatever the weather), a bar of dark chocolate (85 per cent cocoa – I eat one every day) and a good lip balm. Oh, and my favourite luxury, a silk pillowcase.

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3) Look to Lauren

Celebrities always look good on their travels, don’t they? Suppose that’s what happens when you know you’re about to be papped come touch down! The Deck has been lucky enough to have gained some famous fans over the years (Nicola Adams, Elizabeth Hurley, et al) but if there’s one woman to take style inspiration from on your travels, it should probably be Lauren Hutton (pictured above) – truly one of our chicest clients, she never looks not put together.

4) Accessorise away

Personally, I like a silk neck scarf. We have some that can double as pocket squares and they’re always a nice way to inject some personality into a more neutral suit. A matching mask, too, can really pull a look together (we also sell these). But the ultimate travel accessory is our pack of cards – we’re called The Deck, after all! Anyone who buys a suit from us will notice an ace stitched into the sleeve – a reminder that we all have an ace up our sleeve.   


Get packing: My favourite baggage brand? Away. I love that its cases have charging ports.

5) Capsule your collection

It’s all about chic separates that you can pair together in different ways, on rotation, depending on how you feel, where you’re going, and what you’re doing. If I’m travelling, you can guarantee I’ll have an organic white T-shirt, an open-collar silk or cotton shirt, tailored trousers, a smart blazer, dress, trainers and heels. For long haul, tailored cashmere tracksuit bottoms are comfort personified.

Favourite fashion city: Milan, of course! My partner is from Italy, so usually we’re there quite often. Make a beeline for 10 Corso Como (pictured below– a cool concept store that’s part gallery, boutique, café and bookshop.

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