THE GEAR • June 2022

Six stress-busting gadgets for dads

As many of us know, stress isn’t all in the mind. It can impact our bodies in the form of headaches, sleeping issues, nausea and mental lethargy. Thankfully, there’s some fantastic tech wizardry out there to instil some chill. Here are half a dozen travel-friendly gadgets to gift to any dad who deserves a break this Father’s Day

Sensate 2

When placed on the chest, the pebble-like Sensate 2 device targets the vagus nerve – a secret weapon in the body’s fight to naturally control anxiety – with infrasonic waves. The resonance is designed to induce a meditative state that relaxes the wearer and improves stress resilience. Uniquely composed soundscapes can be synchronised with the waves through an app. Flying with us soon? The device (developed over five years of clinical testing) works in flight mode to soothe at 35,000 feet, so parents can relax after herding the family to the airport.


Neom Wellbeing Pod Mini

Got a dad that likes a fresh scent? This get-up-and-go diffuser uses cold fusion technology, rather than heat and water, so it can be easily moved between home, office, hotel, car, and baggage. Neom’s essential oils – which screw neatly into the plug-in diffuser – are 100 per cent natural and there’s a specific Scent to De-Stress range featuring powerful blends such as rose and neroli or lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood. Because it’s blissfully mess-free, it also makes the perfect travel companion – just remember to bring the right travel adapter (or pick one up at the airport).


Himalayan Massage Ball

Everyone loves a good spa break. Pink Himalayan salt is packed with around 80 trace minerals, and has been linked to a number of health benefits for hundreds of years. The concept of this stress-busting Himalayan Massage Ball by Sunday Rain is simple: roll it on a tense back, legs, feet or neck, or cradle it in the palm to pummel away anxieties.

massage ball

Hoom Band

Lightly padded, breathable and elasticated, the wireless Hoom Band allows its wearer to fall asleep to audio without the discomfort of clunky earphones (which are best used for plugging into your in-flight entertainment screen, anyway). The accompanying app puts a world of stress-busting sounds at your fingertips, from guided meditations and hypnotic storytelling to white noise and ASMR – all designed to help induce sleep. There’s also an offline mode, so it can be used while flying.


Fidget Cube

If your dad can’t keep still, this small vinyl gadget is designed for his restless hands to click, flip, roll and spin. The patented Fidget Cube from Colorado-based Antsy Labs has become something of a phenomenon. A boon for both adults and kids, it’s said to help those who experience high levels of stress and people who struggle with anxiety disorders, ADHD or autism, keeping minds calm and occupied with repetitive actions.  

Fidget Cube

FitBit Sense

Forget all the other FitBit iterations: if it’s a stress-management gadget you’re after, this is the one. The FitBit Sense’s USP is an on-wrist app that reads electrodermal activity, affected by sweat, to measure the wearer’s anxiety levels. The watch then produces a daily stress management score and recommends mindfulness and guided breathing sessions to ease occurrences of high stress. Neat, huh? Best of all, it can be used anywhere, whether in the office or on the road.


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