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Freddie Reidy
Freddie Reidy

Club correspondent

Are you taking advantage of the airline alliances we have here at British Airways? Our Atlantic partnership helps cut through the Gordian knot of fare options and gives you, our Executive Club Members, more rewarding experiences to a greater number of destinations across the pond...

Dedicated to giving the inside track as we are, it’s time to turn our eyes across the pond, in anticipation of your possible next trip and shed some light on tips to maximise your membership while broadening your travel horizons.

Did you know that you can book direct flights and connecting journeys with Aer Lingus, American Airlines, Finnair and Iberia on ba.com as part of one booking, including mixing airlines? This means that you have access to more than 260 destinations across the United States and beyond. We have aligned our flight times and connections across several hubs such as New York, Chicago, Dallas and Miami for maximum ease.

Membership perks
As an Executive Club Member, you can collect Avios across our partner airlines or use your carefully cultivated stash to redeem or offset your next transatlantic getaway. You can also use your Avios to upgrade your cabin on British Airways, Iberia and American Airlines flights, including reward flights.

Have Silver or Gold status? Indulge in lounges across our partners alongside your other treasured benefits, and, if you’re not quite there, you can earn Tier Points (including – as of April 2024 – Aer Lingus) to help you on the way. With flexibility and your perks secured the only thing left to decide is where to go…

new york

Capitals of culture
The route: Manchester to New York JFK
The airlines: British Airways and Aer Lingus

Jump from Spinningfields to SoHo in just eight hours. The NY neighbourhood, with streets flanked by some of the best examples of 19th-century Greek revival cast-iron architecture, spins a similar yarn to Manchester’s own renaissance, from the industrial to the innovative. Once you’re there, brunch on the long tables of NoMo Kitchen, feast on Mediterranean masterpieces at King, progeny of London’s famous River Café, and explore the galleries and studios that truly put this neighbourhood on the map. Come evening, you’ll want to visit the laid-back and effortlessly cool City Winery, which serves up music, gourmet food and of course its own wine, found at Pier 57 with views across the Hudson River.

Choose from 13 or more British Airways daily flights via Heathrow, or fly direct from Manchester to New York with our partner Aer Lingus.


New frontiers
The route: London to Bozeman Yellowstone, Montana
The airlines: British Airways and Alaska Airlines

As well as offering greater flexibility and value, our partnership makes it possible for you to travel to more far-out destinations. If you’re a fan of the hit Paramount+ show Yellowstone, you may find the mountains of Montana calling. Set within the National Park, the celebrated Old Faithful geyser is not to be missed, nor is the opportunity to take a picturesque kayaking trip through the country’s most rugged and unspoiled landscapes. A true American safari will then take you to the Lamar Valley, home to indigenous wolves, bears and giant eagles – and where you can see bison on their spring migratory journey. To experience the terrain like a true cowboy, you can complete your odyssey on horseback on a guided tour, staying in a log cabin redoubts, escaping deeper into nature.

You can reach Yellowstone National Park with a British Airways flight to Chicago and an onward connection to Bozeman with American Airlines. And why not break your journey in Chicago, spiritual home to the skyscraper?

new orleans

The Big Easy, made easy
The route: London to New Orleans, Louisiana
The airlines: British Airways and American Airlines

The mighty Mississippi River gushes over 17,000 cubic metres of water a second as it meets the Gulf of Mexico. Further upriver, and straddling its banks, is New Orleans, where the ebb, flow and churn of the river are reflected in the convergence of traditions that make up this city’s storied culture. Barbecue is never far from the menu, and any ravenous visitor could do far worse than to make a beeline for The Joint, a truly authentic hole-in-the-wall restaurant and home to some of the finest burnt ends in the state. Elsewhere, Dooky Chase is steeped in history, with the great and good having filed through its hallowed doors since 1941 (former presidents George W Bush and Barack Obama have checked in to sample the legendary gumbo). Jazz can be found on every street and in every bar, often spilling into the sidewalks – even the airport is named after one of the city’s most famous exports, Louis Armstrong. But if NOLA is a 365-day party, Mardi Gras is the pinnacle.

We fly direct three times a week with a further ten flights a day via Dallas or Miami with our partner American Airlines.

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