Peggy and Leon take the wheel


The gurus: Peggy and Leon

Peggy and Leon

It’s the duo we’ve all been waiting for: Peggy and Leon, our resident Skyflyers characters and ambassadors for all things family travel. This month the lovable pair chat to The Club about our new family travel activity packs, tearing it up in Tampa and where we can find them next…

What’s the best thing about being Peggy and Leon?
Peggy: The very best thing about us having wings is that, even without the planes, we can still fly around!
Leon: Being a lion means I’m brave, which is always useful when travelling – after all, the bravest people do the most things.

Do you know why you’re a winged horse and a lion?
When the British Airways Coat of Arms was granted back in 1975, it starred two characters that were said to represent the United Kingdom, courage, and liberty: the lion and the winged horse, Pegasus. Now, we’ve come to life!

What is your favourite place to go on holiday?
Leon: Florida is one of the best places ever for a family holiday.
Peggy: Yes, Orlando is where Walt Disney World Resort is and there are lots of different parks there with brilliant rollercoasters and rides (British Airways Holidays has loads of hotels that are inside the parks).
Leon: Tampa is cool though, too. It has Dinosaur World and the Florida Aquarium and Busch Gardens.

What are your carry-on essentials?
Leon: Snacks. Lions get very peckish.
Peggy: And sun cream. And the new Skyflyers activity pack, which is being handed out at London Heathrow Terminal 5, Gatwick and London City airports. Heathrow T5 even has its own family check-in zone.

How do you bust the boredom on flights?
The new Skyflyers activity packs have crayons and postcards, so you can spend some of the flight drawing messages in the clouds.
Plus the planes have also loads of kids films. We like the superhero movies. 

What do you wish our Members knew about family travel with British Airways?
Peggy: That you can pool your Avios into one household account, so you basically get loads more Avios and quicker.
Leon: And that you might meet Peggy and me!

You were recently spotted at JFK. What was the best part of that trip?
P&L: The view of New York from the very top of the Empire State Building.

When can we next see you at Terminal 5?
P&L: We’ll be at the family check-in (Zone E) at Heathrow Terminal 5 over the school holidays. Come and see us if you’re flying!

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