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Jersey: six reasons to visit now

A soothing tonic to the pressures of city life, Jersey’s restful island vibes are at their strongest in autumn, when the coastal paths take on an amber hue and the compact island enjoys a peaceful wave of pre-Christmas calm. Just a hop from London, here’s why you should be jetting to Jersey this autumn

01 Food for the soul

Food for the soul

Where Michelin-star chefs launch artisan delis and potatoes boast EU Protected Designation of Origin status, it’s safe to say Jersey enjoys quite the foodie legacy. Having just appointed rising star Will Holland as their new executive chef, the four AA red rosette-holding Ocean Restaurant at the Atlantic Hotel is the ultimate spot to make the most of the island’s seafood produce, all the while revelling in the dining room’s stunning ocean panorama. 

02 A breath of fresh air

A breath of fresh air

There’s nothing that clears away the cobwebs quite like an autumnal stroll. Luckily, Jersey has a magnificent pic ‘n’ mix of surprising island landscapes to explore on your restorative trek. Hiking hotspots include: the circular walk from Bouley Bay, passing through the ethereal trails of Egypt Woods, and for a beachy stroll, the mystic caves at Plémont Bay.

03 Reconnect with the self

Reconnect with the self

Soak up Jersey’s immaculate sense of calm with a trip to one of the island’s most luxurious spas, perfect for an afternoon wind-down. Head to the Grand Jersey’s famously decadent underground spa, or the L’Horizon Hotel & Spa for their delightful ocean-view pool. If spas aren’t your thing, don’t stress, you can always find your zen on the sands with Jersey’s very own Kula Yoga on the beach.

04 Become a voyager

Become a voyager

For those looking to break free, however briefly, from the modern world, buckle up and book yourself onto a Jersey Seafari. Here, you’ll be whisked to one of Jersey’s secret, outer-islands; the tiny archipelagos of Les Ecrehous and Les Minquiers, famous for their quiet beauty, electric-blue waters and sea-stranded fishermen’s huts. Keep an eye out for Atlantic grey seals and bottlenose dolphins on your journey.

05 Island opulence

Island opulence

Make your Jersey break truly special with a stay at the esteemed Longueville Manor, the Channel Islands’ only AA five-star property. Here, you can unwind at the hotel’s Cottage Garden, a mini boutique spa nestled in its tranquil gardens, dine in the lavish 15th century Oak Room, and enjoy a fire-side scones, finished off with Jersey ‘Black Butter’ and clotted cream.

06 Reconnect with the past

Reconnect with the past

Just nine miles by five, Jersey has a lot of history packed into not a lot of space. There are the Jersey War Tunnels – a relic reminder of Jersey’s time under German occupation – and a whole bunch of castles to explore. Try the island’s castle trinity; Mont Orgueil, built to protect the island’s coast from the French; Grosnez Castle, looking down across the seas from the awe-inspiring headlands; and Elizabeth Castle, which by night glows against the horizon in a fiery, incandescent red.

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Words by Hannah Ralph

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