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Why Dubai is the perfect family destination

While world-famous landmarks and soft sandy beaches abound in this part of the desert, the new Dubai Parks and Resorts is simply unbeatable for a fun family holiday

You can look down on the world's tallest building

Feel like a giant next to the world’s tallest building

There is certainly no shortage of impressive landmarks around Dubai – the dizzying Burj Khalifa, the ornate Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, the extravagant, sail-shaped Burj Al Arab – though visiting them all with children in tow can be a challenge. Now, MINILAND in LEGOLAND Dubai has perfectly recreated these and more – the Burj Khalifa is a record-breaking 17 metres tall, using an awe-inspiring 439,000 LEGO bricks.

You can be part of The Hunger Games

Be part of The Hunger Games

Not literally of course, but fans can dive into the world of The Hunger Games, taking a trip through the Capitol on board a hovercraft on the Panem Aerial Tour. This ride will take you around some of the most iconic landmarks of Panem, before escalating into a thrilling mid-air battle once the hovercraft is spotted by the Peacekeepers. For those who want to experience District 12, there’s also an exhilarating half-pipe roller-coaster – or a high-speed bullet train – that transports you from the mining district and our heroine’s hometown, all the way to the Capitol.

You can build and ride your own LEGO raft

Build and ride your own LEGO raft

LEGO is all about imagination – see how far yours takes you at the Build-A-Raft River in the heart of LEGOLAND Water Park. Design and build your very own vessel using multi-coloured LEGO soft bricks before riding around the lazy river. Race your family and see who has the best construction skills. For those who are a little more advanced, you can even build your own boat using LEGO bricks at the Build-A-Boat attraction, before testing how your design fares against the water’s current.
Club tip: Head over early in the morning as these rides get busier as the day goes on.

You can feel what it’s like to be a cricket ball

Feel what it’s like to be a cricket ball

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a cricket ball? No? Well try to imagine it now – flying through the air, getting tossed around and being hit for a six! In the world’s first Bollywood-theme park you can take a ride on a futuristic roller coaster simulator where you are the cricket ball in a celebration of the game of cricket with the legendary Bhuvan against the British Raj (inspired by Aamir Khan’s hit film Lagaan). It’s a headfirst jump into the colourful, joyful world of Bollywood.

Join the battle for New York

Join the battle for New York

It’s dark. Ghosts have taken over the city of New York and you are the new recruit to the Ghostbusters team. This thrilling, interactive ride takes you through the Big Apple as you try to blast away the ghosts jumping up in front of you. Ending in an epic rooftop battle, this is a nerve-testing experience that will leave you elated. Just head for MOTIONGATE Dubai to try it out.

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Words by Elle Blakeman

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