BA News • October 2015

More ways to travel the world

Discover how British Airways, American Airlines, Finnair and Iberia are together offering you more across the Atlantic

So many places, so little time… the good news is that there’s now a more seamless way to travel the world. If you fly with British Airways, American Airlines, Finnair or Iberia on transatlantic routes between Europe and North America, you can benefit from the combined network and experience of all four airlines.

Here’s how you could benefit:

1. Flexible flights
Where would you like to go? The combination of airlines in the partnership means that many more destinations in North America and Europe are within your reach. The varied networks and schedules offer you numerous options to match your travel needs, including more flights between London and New York than any other partnership, allowing you to maximise your work or leisure time.

2. Booking benefits
Want to take control of your travel? Each carrier’s booking system gives you the flexibility to review your flight options and mix partners as you please. It’s totally transparent, so you can easily see the airline you will be flying with. By booking all your flights on one ticket, each airline can share your information, to help ensure your entire trip goes as planned.

3. Peace of mind
Have a question? You can contact any of the airlines in your booking for assistance with your queries. Automatic re-booking processes help minimise disruptions, while optional text and email alert services keep you informed.

4. More benefits
British Airways, American Airlines, Finnair and Iberia work together to bring frequent flyer customers even more benefits. There is a common tier status across the family of airlines, so you can enjoy maximum benefits, loyalty privileges and rewards across all the carriers. These could include lounge access, priority check-in, additional baggage allowance, fast track security and priority standby.

5. Travel in comfort
All four airlines continue to invest in new state of the art aircraft to offer a better transatlantic experience to customers. Premium travellers can relax and enjoy a variety of refreshments and other amenities in over 100 lounges around the world before boarding your flight.

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