THE CLUB 100 • October 2021

Top tips for breezing through the airport

When it comes to the airport, the general consensus is to get there nice and early to give yourself plenty of time for something to eat and drink and some cheeky retail therapy – and all the better if you have lounge access…

“As a female solo traveller I feel a lot safer in the lounge”

Be early and relaxed – better to have to sit a while longer in the airport than sitting panicking in traffic.
Ian Fox, Leeds, Blue

Check into the lounge – it’s always worth it especially if there are delays! It’s also a much nicer experience, especially if you are travelling alone. I know as a female solo traveller I feel a lot safer in the lounge compared to beside noisy airport bars.
Mary Donaghey, Belfast, Bronze

1-check in

“Airports are my favourite places in the world”

My top tip is simply to enjoy the experience. Airports are my favourite places in the world, full of anticipation and optimism. I relish a leisurely walk around the duty-free shops, a visit to a restaurant and, most importantly, a stare out of the windows at the planes on the runway. I prioritise getting to the airport in good time to soak up the full atmosphere.
Tom Rees, London, Blue

Don’t sweat the small stuff and get some noise-cancelling headphones.
Sam G, London, Silver

Arrive two hours in advance just to be sure and go shopping! Have a bite and then board. Meanwhile, download two films on Netflix or multiple episodes of a current favourite series if there’s something you fancy watching which isnt available on board.
Angelina, London, Blue


“The holiday starts immediately after security”

Treat all airport staff the way you want to be treated. It’s one of life’s golden rules, but especially helpful to remember at the airport. British Airways employees tend to always be happy and helpful, but they are people too – and the pandemic has made their jobs considerably harder. A little kindness can go a long way.
Parker Humbert, Windsor, Silver

Carry as little as possible in hand luggage then relax with a lovely coffee airside. If time allows, have a manicure at the airport.
Catherine Davis, Birmingham, Bronze

The holiday starts immediately after security, so I’ve learned to get to the airport early and treat myself to a nice meal before I fly. Very different to my younger years when almost missing a flight was a badge of honour.
John Wastnage, London, Blue


“Collect Avios on airport car parking”

Even if you’re not flying business, you can book a lounge. It takes the stress out of hanging around an airport and helps to prevent that impulse buying. This is particularly useful when I travel on my own (as a woman). It’s a lot less ‘obvious’ and I feel more secure. Have a glass of bubbles, regardless of the time.
Kerry Angel, London, Blue

As parents of a son in a wheelchair, we believe that planning in advance is always a must but, as soon as you arrive, find a staff member and they will take care of you from the start to being seated on the plane. They are the best.
Jason Palmer, Cheltenham, Blue

A little known secret perhaps, but you can collect Avios on airport car parking with ParkVia
Margaret, London, Silver


“Take lavender stress spray”

Book a Club Europe or Club World ticket and, after an early check-in, go to the business lounge. Even better, once you’ve done this enough times you’ll become an Executive Club Gold Member and you can check in at the first class desks and be whisked through security into the First lounge. It’s just a shame there aren’t many of these for your return journey, but you can’t have everything!
Harvey Schonfeld, Bagshot, Silver

Take lavender stress spray to stay calm when everyone else is getting stressed. Leave yourself plenty of time to enjoy the experience and have a cheeky cocktail. Airports are more fun if you make them part of your holiday.
Melanie, London, Bronze

I think I have walked every corridor of Heathrow – I could do it blindfolded! Always be nice to the security staff, be prepared and be ready (also don’t wear an underwired bra unless you want an extra delay).
Jane Newbrook, Sheffield, Silver

5-first lounge

“Better ridiculously early than even slightly late”

Better ridiculously early than even slightly late. Documents – check, check and check again!
Charlotte Easton, Hertfordshire

For me its probaby just having the British Airways app. That way, youre not faffing with bits of paper, everything (your boarding pass namely, but also your flight status) is on one screen and ready to scan. 
Michael, Lancashire, Blue


“A sunflower hidden disability lanyard really is a life saver”

My latest, greatest discovery is AirPortr – a service that picks up your bags the day before you fly and checks them in ahead of your arrival at the terminal. I use the app to track the bags as they make their way from my hotel to the plane. 
Mark Pilkington, London, Blue

Get a hotel the night before to remove any last-minute stress over delayed/cancelled trains getting there.
Christine Leman-Riley, Folkestone, Bronze

If your child has special needs like mine does, a sunflower hidden disability lanyard really is a life saver.
Suzy Anne McKoy, UK

The best way to relieve any stress from travel is to start your journey in the lounge. With either free or paid access, it’s the perfect place to relax, unwind and enjoy some food and beverages ahead of your journey.
Conor McCully, London, Silver


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