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Hotels that will keep you fit

Once upon a (less healthy) time, a hotel ‘workout’ might mean a forlorn gym with a lone running machine. These days, it’s a very different kettlebell of fish. Sarah Jappy shares five favourites for your fly-fitness-flop list. Plus, we’ve interspersed the hotels with top tips from It’s So Simple’s Rachael Sacerdoti on how to stay in trim without leaving your hotel room

Niyama Private Island

Niyama Private Islands, Maldives

With two paradise islands – Play and Chill – to call its own, Niyama puts a more active spin on ‘fly-and-flop’ Maldives getaways. So, yes, you’ve an eye-widening expanse of milk-white sand and cerulean waters at your disposal, but there’s also the option to salute the sun at dawn, hit the 24-hour gym, or get competitive with your pals or paramour during a spell of golf, darts, football, table tennis or even PS4. When the ocean calls, channel your inner Aquaman with flyboarding and zoom through the waves on an underwater rocket, go surfing, or sail off into the sunset on a dhoni, looking for dolphins.

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 Rachael’s in-room workout tips:
1. Resistance workouts are the most time efficient. Pack some resistance bands for your next holiday; they’re small and light and will keep you on track while you’re away from your weights. 

2. Still miss your weights? Raid the minibar – a large bottle of water can replace them. One litre of water is 1kg, so it’s a great dumbbell alternative.

The Siam

The Siam, Bangkok

Two words: Muay Thai. Discover Thailand’s national sport at The Siam’s gymnasium: the first professionally equipped, luxury Muay Thai facility in Bangkok. Muay Thai is a heck of a heart-racing boxing workout, but it comes with plenty of mental benefits, such as improved concentration, too. Guests can enjoy training courses ranging from one day to one week, with options for all levels. The hotel’s expert trainers work closely with each guest to personalise their programme. You might even be able to visit a local Muay Thai training centre to watch fighters in action. Post-combat, unwind in the blissful Opium Spa.

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Rachael’s in-room workout tips:
3. You can also use your empty suitcase as a weight. It’s perfect for chest and shoulder presses, crunches and farmer carries. If it feels too light, fill it with some clothes, books or whatever you have to hand.

4. Get creative with the chair in your room (it doesn’t have to keep its identity as a clothes horse). Think Bulgarian split squats, triceps dips, step-ups and incline mountain climbers. 

The Standard

The Standard, London

For a workout as energising as the power shower in your (anything but) Standard hotel bathroom, look no further than The Standard’s new fitness package, created in partnership with cult favourite HIIT brand Barry’s. As the punishing name suggests, Burn Baby Burn includes a high-intensity sweat sesh that could obliterate up to 1,000 calories in one go – that’s got to be at least a few of The Standard’s iconic burgers and slushy cocktails… Stay one night and enjoy a fun-but-fierce class at Barry’s, or add a Barry’s credit to the hotel’s Stowaway package and curate your own stay of five nights or more.

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Rachael’s in-room workout tips:
5. Be inspired by a bare wall! Try wall sits, assisted sit-ups and incline push-ups to create a workout from nothing.

6. Towels are brilliant for a whole range of upper-body exercises. Go for towel rows, bicep curls, Russian twists and assisted squats.

Six Senses Ibiza

Six Senses Ibiza

This hotel channels the bohemian spirit of the White Island, offering stays that are holistic and hedonistic in equal measure. Healthy highlights include a state-of-the-art fitness centre, cardio studio, outdoor boxing ring, yoga studio and seafront yoga deck. Six Senses Ibiza lures a starry roll call of visiting practitioners and therapists, including boxing coaches and expert yogis. The spa is a 1,200sqm kingdom with biohacking potential: time for cryotherapy and compression boots. If you prefer a good old-fashioned hike, embark on the Crystal Coast Walk, keeping your eyes peeled for the highest lighthouse in the Balearic Islands and sparkly Ibizan quartz crystals.

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Rachael’s in-room workout tips:
7. Your bed isn’t just for sleeping in or cosying up on for your favourite film. It’s perfect for elevated press-ups, too, or a trampoline substitute to get your heart rate going (but you didn’t hear the latter from us!).

8. Don’t be shy about moving furniture to create some space. Make room for jumping jacks, high knees, burpees, skaters and jump lunges – all fantastic ways to warm up.

Peninsula Paris

The Peninsula Paris

The Peninsula Hotels’ new wellness initiative, Life Lived Best, empowers guests to pursue their fitness, mindfulness and nutritional goals, supported by a 24-hour Wellness Concierge service and dedicated Wellness Portal. Fitness junkies can order in-room gear (including Life Fitness indoor cycling equipment, in select hotels) and enjoy high-octane workouts in the fitness centre or in the comfort of their room, thanks to bespoke video sessions, available for streaming. At the Peninsula Paris, summertime rooftop yoga sessions are held on the terrace of the dreamy Katara Suite, in partnership with Paris-based Yuj Yoga and led by Parisian yogini Helene Duval.

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Rachael’s in-room workout tips:
9. Brave a daily ice-cold shower, which is known to benefit your immune system, improve your circulation and increase your endorphins and metabolism. Try to stay under the water for three minutes, breathing deeply.

10. Sip, sip, sip. Always pack a water bottle and drink throughout the day. If you’re in the sun or surrounded by air con, it’s easier to dehydrate than in (let’s face it) shady Britain.

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