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THE EDIT • October 2022

The best luxury eye masks

Nowadays, an eye mask is much more than a handy way to sleep in peace – its a fashion statement. Made with gorgeous materials such as mulberry silk and cashmere, sporting bold designs and with clever tech touches, eye masks are fast becoming the ultimate travel accessory. Here are six tried-and-tested luxury numbers that will ramp up your sartorial style as you slumber…

Jag Sihra Blossom silk eye mask

When it comes to crafting for the luxury traveller, textile designer Jag Sihra has form. Her career includes 15 years at British Airways, with time as a design manager under her belt, before the launch of her eponymous studio and collection of silk accessories.

Her bold ‘emerald’ Blossom Mask is a fiesta of lilies, orchids and roses in an eye-catching symmetrical pattern that looks straight off the catwalk. The design of each mask is hand drawn or painted by Sihra, before being applied to 100 per cent mulberry silk.

Comfort: 8/10, Design: 9/10, Price: £60

Jag Shira

Elizabeth Scarlett Turtle Conservation eye mask

For a dreamy eye mask that delivers comfort but wont break the bank, Elizabeth Scarletts colour-popping, charity-supporting designs are a must. This Caribbean blue number, decorated with a trio of turquoise and gold turtles, has a soft and snuggly velvet backing.

Not only is the mask sophisticated, but it’s good for the soul. Part of the new Island Paradise Collection, every purchase contributes to sea turtle conservation through the Blue Marine Foundation. Plus, it’s filled with lavender and comes with a smart matching bag for storage.

Comfort: 8/10, Design: 8/10, Price: £25

Elizabeth Scarlett

CurrentBody Skin x Dr Harris Anti-Wrinkle sleep mask

This silk mask, developed with a leading London aesthetic doctor, features raised silicone dots on its underside to stimulate the face and unknit frown lines. One dot on the front sits between the brows, which youre advised to press for five seconds each time you wear the mask.

This repeated ritual helps you shift your mindset to relax. The gentle pressure from the dots is very soothing, to say the least. Newly launched in a mink colour, its a blow-the-budget buy, but great for R&R.

Comfort: 9/10, Design: 10/10, Price: £59.99

Dr Harris

Orchard Moon Ephemeral Bloom eye mask

Nothings as calming as the dappled sunlight shining through trees. In Japan, theres a specific word for it, komorebi. This blue and white mask, made with offcuts from Orchard Moons glamorous pyjamas, pairs eco-smarts with a whimsical forest-inspired design.

Fully plant based, the slender and silk-like mask is made from TENCEL and Lyocell filament derived from FSC sustainable wood. Completely vegan, it rests on the face with a light touch, gives decent light blocking and comes with a matching pouch.

Comfort: 8/10, Design: 8/10, Price: £45

Orchard Moon

SLIP Contour sleep mask

Famed for its dermatologist-approved silk pillowcases, SLIPs 100 per cent mulberry silk eye masks are just as appealing. The LBD of the sleep mask world (also available in pink and peony), this black contour version has been designed with eyelash extensions in mind, but is brilliant for those with naturally long lashes, too.

Beneath a soft silk covering that protects the skin, a foam inner padding gives heaps of room between your eyelids and the mask. Its comfortable, blocks out light well, and a silk-covered elastic strap is gentle on the hair.

Comfort: 7/10, Design: 8/10, Price: £55

Slip Sleep

Rosie Sugden for The Fife Arms cashmere eye mask in olive

When it comes to soft materials, cashmere is another pampering option. Talented knitwear designer Rosie Sugden has created this mask exclusively for the arty Fife Arms hotel in Braemar, and its knitted in a family-run mill in the Scottish Borders.

Simple and lightweight, its a no-fuss, cosy and chic option. A neat knitted strap slips overhead easily, and it has a little less give than some, making it perfect for those who prefer a snug fit and hard-to-please teens.

Comfort: 7/10, Design: 7/10, Price: £40

Fife Arms

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