Smooth operator: DJ Miles Slater

Club People • September 2015

My Club: the jetsetting DJ

Miles Slater has made a name for himself working as a DJ in private clubs, hotels and restaurants across Asia. He has been an Executive Club Member for five years and has just achieved Gold status

Why do you fly with British Airways? 
As someone who spends a lot of time outside the UK, it’s useful being able to collect and redeem Avios through BA’s oneworld partners. I fly all over Asia and collect a lot of Avios. I enjoy all the perks of flying BA – things like the lounges really make a difference, especially when I’m flying home. 

Where’s your favourite hotel in the world?
The Upper House in Hong Kong. I haven’t stayed at the hotel but I’ve been going to the restaurant and bar since they opened and I have DJ’d there a few times. The service is incredible. Whenever I walk in they greet me by name, even if it’s someone I’ve never met. I don’t know how they do it.

Where have you had your best meal?
It’s not a restaurant, but one of my favourite meals has always been the English breakfast service on BA26 from Hong Kong to London. I’ve lived overseas for a long time and when I go back it’s a big deal. I love going to sleep on a plane and waking up to a cooked breakfast, knowing I’m only an hour from home.

What’s been your most memorable trip?
I DJ’d in Abu Dhabi for the Formula 1 a couple of years ago and stayed at the Yas Viceroy. My room was directly above the track so I watched the race from my balcony, dressed in a bathrobe, eating food from room service.


Racing recollections: Miles has fantastic memories of the glamour of Abu Dhabi’s Grand Prix

Favourite London spot?
Anywhere on the Thames. I love the London skyline, so I like to walk across Waterloo Bridge and enjoy the view.

Which destination is next on your list, and why?
I’m going to Vienna for a friend’s wedding. It’s in a beautiful fairy-tale castle and I will be wearing traditional Austrian dress for part of it. I also have a gig in Frankfurt and then I’m heading to Poland for some relaxation. I’m really looking forward to a summer in Europe.

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