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MADE BY MEMBERS • December 2021

Going for Gold: Harry Parr

Harry Parr
Harry Parr

How to describe Bompas and Parr? Harry Parr and his partner-in-creativity Sam Bompas started out making artisanal jellies, before a run of high-profile fans (hello, Heston) and one Architectural Jelly Design Competition shot them into the Willy Wonka stratosphere. A leading light of avant-garde food design, one half of the daring duo and Gold Member Harry tells The Club how he made it to the top

When did you first become Gold with British Airways?
I was Silver for a year or two, but in 2015 we had a bumper year with projects across the Americas and Asia: suddenly I was on a flight every couple of weeks to meet new clients and launch projects such as The Single-Opticon: A Panorama of Flavour in Taiwan. That’s what tipped me into Gold.

What’s your favourite thing about flying with British Airways?
I always feel in safe hands. I once turned up with 20 bags of oversize luggage for a flight to Tokyo, and the ground crew couldn’t have been more accommodating. And there were big smiles when they discovered they were flying a Whisky Tornado to the British Embassy for an important trade mission with the Foreign Secretary!

What is your favourite thing about being a Gold Member with British Airways?
The First Wing makes travel glamorous and relaxing.

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What’s your number one top tip for other Members looking to hit Gold?
If you can flex your dates, you’ll get better deals on the premium cabins. And be flexible on cabins, too. 

What is your favourite route for keeping your Tier Points topped up?
Trips across the States are always great for Tier Points. I’m looking forward to seeing some clients in Vegas, Miami and New York. 

Which cabin do you usually fly in, and why?
For long haul, either World Traveller Plus (premium economy) or Club World (business), depending on who’s paying! I’m more than happy to spend a day flight working in premium economy, but Club World is a must for red-eye flights.

Club world window

Harry’s favourite seat: Club World

Do you have a favourite aircraft?
The top deck of the jumbo jets were wonderful: it felt like being in a private jet.

Aisle or window seat?
A window for day dreaming.

Do you have any travel habits or rituals?
Searching out a shower in the lounge before a night flight, or even better a bath in Hong Kong!

What are three packing essentials you take on every flight?
A new book and a laptop with a long list of tasks. And a copy of Private Eye for take-off.

Do you spend your Avios?
I’ll only spend them on more flights. It’s amazing how they build up.

Do you collect any Avios outside of flying?
My British Airways American Express ® Credit Card, all the way. I book flights through it and often big ticket items for work projects, too, so it’s alarmingly quick to get to the spend target needed to collect that Companion Voucher.

Where is the best place work has taken you, and why?
Undoubtedly Hawaii to launch a new Hermès store. Making jellies in a kitchen overlooking Waikiki beach (pictured below) was tough; I’m glad I could be of some assistance to our chef!

Waikiki Beach

What is your favourite London borough and why?
Having spent tranches of my life in west, south and east London, I’m committed to Hackney now. It’s so green, there’s a friendly community and it’s got a great cultural mix. With two young children, the only place to be seen is the ‘rainbow railings’ playground at the top of London Fields.

You’ve worked with a tonne of brands, but which is top of your dream collaboration list?
The Museum of Jurassic Technology in Los Angeles, California – the studio is always exploring ideas that sit at the intersection of art, science and history.

Favourite hotel you’ve ever stayed in, and why was it so special?
I’m always searching for a perfect swimming pool. RAAS Devigarh in Rajasthan gets pretty close: a vast, stone-lined pool set in the rugged hills above Udaipur.


Just deserts: Harry has AlUla, Saudi Arabia on his bucket list

If you could go back to the start of it all, what number one piece of business advice would you give Sam and yourself?
“The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.” William Blake.

If you had to choose a favourite project from Bompas and Parr, or a project that really changed things for you, what would it be?
Our Truvia Voyage of Discovery on the roof of Selfridges. It cemented my love of extreme engineering, water in silly places, boating, good food and good design. It made me realise that with enough hard work anything is possible.

What is your bucket-list destination – somewhere you really want to go – and why?
Having tried a number of times (the first attempt I got to the airport just as borders were closing due to Covid-19), I’m excited about visiting AlUla in Saudi Arabia, the home of the Hegra UNESCO World Heritage Site. We’re fortunate to be working on a dream project there in the spring, so this time there’s no turning back.

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