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Justine Gosling


MADE BY MEMBERS • December 2021

Inside the suitcase of… a pro skier

It can sometimes seem that North Face ambassador, travel journo and skier supreme Justine Gosling is either in the skies or on the slopes – which makes her a perfect candidate for some suitcase snooping. Handy for anyone plotting their ski trip next year, Justine shares the stories behind her essential kit…

As a travel journalist, I fly a lot, often at short notice, so my packing is always last minute and messy. Most of the time I haven’t fully unpacked from the last trip before I’m off again. After rushing to the airport, I relish the time in the air when I’m undisturbed and have guilt-free downtime to read, write in my journal and snooze. I’m always so excited about winter and I ski as much as I can. Being semi-based in Geneva means I’m not far from Verbier and Zermatt for spontaneous weekend trips, which is lucky, since theyre my favourites.

Women’s Torino™ winter boot

Other than my ski boots, this is the only footwear I bring on ski trips, and so if I’m not in ski boots, I’m wearing these. They keep my feet snug and warm, look great with jeans and are practical for the airport, dancing on tables and walking through snow. They’re not a faff to get on and off, and every ski trip I take them on I get compliments and friends wanting to try them on.

Sorel snow boots

Barbour Pastoral wax jacket

Attempting to travel light, when packing I favour adaptable ‘suits-all-occasions’ items. I practically live in this trench coat. I had wanted a trench for ages before I treated myself and bought one, and Barbour is an iconic British brand. It’s stylish and can be dressed up as smart or casual, while still looking like I’ve made an effort. It’s warm and waterproof, and I wear it out in the evenings as I prefer not to wear my ski jacket to a nice bar or restaurant.

Barbour coat

Wolf & Badger silk eye mask

Even if I can’t sleep on a flight, I’ll snooze to rest my eyes and mind, and, even if just for 20 minutes, it helps me feel refreshed and adjust to a new time zone. I don’t tend to wear make-up on flights, aware of how drying flying can make my skin. This silk eye mask is soft and doesn’t leave creases or dig in. It’s comfortable and blocks out the light, allowing me zone out. The silk material also doesn’t dry out my skin.

Woolf and Badger

Mulberry active tights

I never travel without my gym kit. The best way to explore a new destination is on foot, and I always go for a run to orientate myself and absorb the sounds and smells of a new place, while exchanging smiles with locals. I find exercise also helps me with jet lag. After a day of skiing, I always try to stretch or do some Pilates to prevent stiffness and injury, so my leggings are an essential item in my case.

Running kit

Airox large hardside case

Hating to miss out on fun or seeing friends and loved ones, all too frequently I take my bag to a bar or restaurant, and leave straight for the airport for the first flight of the day. I always cram too much into my diary, so am often dragging around my suitcase to meetings and catch-ups on the way to the airport. Consequently, my luggage takes some beatings. Victorinox bags are solid, easy to manoeuvre and lightweight, making getting around much easier.


British Museum journal

I write a lot, operating based on to-do-lists, scribbling down notes or ideas, filling in my diary or writing down my thoughts and memories in a journal. Writing helps me to understand how I’m feeling and is useful to reflect back on to see how far I’ve come. I have at least one every year and buy them on my travels – I bought 2021’s notebook during a visit to the British Museum. I update my journal during flights, and it travels everywhere with me. 

BM Journal

Rossignol heated ski boots

When piste skiing in low temperatures, I get really cold feet, and having cold feet makes me miserable. These Rossignol ski boots with heated insoles are perfect. Feeling the heat on my toes warms the rest of my body and makes me feel all cosy. They fit snugly, too, giving me full control of skis and allowing me to execute my turns smoothly.    

Rossignol heated ski boots

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