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ADVERTORIAL • April 2022

Get the New York look with Theory

New York-based brand Theory is your solution to travelling in comfort and style. In celebration of a new flagship store opening on London’s Regent Street this month, we revisit the steps that have carved its global success (and give three lucky Members the chance to win £1,000 each to spend at Theory...) 

The modern wardrobe
New York’s style scene changed in 1997 – the year that Theory was born. Offering contemporary tailored pieces for men and women alike, Theory’s designs were a direct response to the beckoning call of city life: crafted to ensure endless comfort and style as its wearer worked their way through a cosmopolitan state.

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While tailoring has long been at the forefront of workwear, something about Theory’s offerings marked a modern transition for the formal fashion sector. Why? Because its silhouettes were built from stretch fabrics, resulting in the promise of total performance over restriction. With this in mind, there are no better designs to call upon for dressing your imminent travel agenda.

Theory has long believed that breathable, stretch tailoring creates confidence

Testing every fabric for its hand-feel, durability and design, Theory has long believed that breathable, stretch tailoring creates confidence. Seasonal collections are crafted to empower the wearer, most obviously visible through the brand’s signature sartorial touches such as straight-cut shoulders, nipped-in waists and wide legged trousers: all of which are stitched into innovative textures such as Precision Ponte, Good Wool, and Good Linen. 

This style began as a fabricated extension of the Manhattan mentality – one that embarked on daily business with a fashionable flair – but over the past quarter of a century Theory has expanded beyond New York’s trendy circle, proudly running in a league of its own across an international collective of buzzing cities.

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The ideal wardrobe on the ground and at 35,000 feet

New city, new store
And now, Theory is coming to the fashion-forward capital city behind British Airways: London. Defined by its diverse community of characters, fast-paced professional sphere and versatile approach to dress, this melting pot of modern culture offers serious scope for success, so it’s only natural that Theory holds a space in it. Specifically, a space on the city’s most breathtaking shopping road: Regent Street. Set to open on 21 April, the brand-new flagship store is shaped by a bold interior, with industrialised details to mirror Theory’s crisp and clean silhouette. With its simple (but, rest assured, effective) décor, a trip to this space will also trigger a trip to your most stylish sense of self – making it a must-visit upon touchdown in London. 

And while Theory’s associates are guaranteed to guide you through the perfect fit and fabrication for your form, a bit of background on the brand’s core textures is well worth understanding before you travel to the store.

Precision Ponte
The most innovative fabric is Precision Ponte, an easy-to-care-for Italian weave that revolutionised office attire by putting comfort and polish on equal footing. Its moisture-wicking, won’t pill and is wrinkle resistant, making it the perfect style option for a long-haul flight.

Good Wool
Good Wool is a consciously crafted signature fabric that is fully traceable from the farm in Tasmania to the eco-conscious mill in Italy. It’s a seasonless weight with subtle stretch for optimal comfort, while retaining a polished look – the perfect workwear staple.

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Good Linen
The ultimate summer staple, consciously crafted Good Linen is soft and versatile—an elevated version of the quintessential warm-weather fabric. Soft and breathable with subtle stretch, it comes in a variety of versatile silhouettes like the relaxed boy blazer and belted shirt dress.

Theory for Good
Good Linen and Good Wool are part of Theory’s social and environmental responsibility initiative: Theory for Good, which includes the brand’s commitment to reach 100% traceability on signature fabrics by 2025. The production behind Theory is proof of its status as a top powerhouse in the clothing industry. 

So, whether your current transportation takes you up the blocks of Manhattan or along the South Bank of London’s River Thames, you can rest assured that, if dressed in one of these ensembles, you’ll be in for a successful journey.

Theory’s flagship London store opens on 21 April on Regent’s Street. To browse or shop the collection online, click here

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